My little oyster is free as a butterfly!!


I have this really crazy friend who I love with all my heart.  She and I became friends about four years ago.  My friend is this beautiful natural hair single very educated sister.  She started working with me and brought a ray of sunshine in our office.
She is leaving and moving on to bigger and better things.  It breaks my heart that I will not be able to go into her office and scream out my frustrations because her office is vacant as of today.  Even though we all want the best for our friends, you hate to lose such valuable friendship. 
Nevertheless, life goes on and we progress and we have both promised to stay in touch and never lose contact. I love you my beautiful butterfly. You are free, you are free.

Peace,  Love and Happiness!!


2 thoughts on “My little oyster is free as a butterfly!!

  1. Awww, I feel your pain, my best friend of 21 years (aka my daughter) is moving away this week and my heart is breaking yet I’m so excited for her future. I’m moving into her bedroom I can’t bear it to be empty and it’s better than mine so at least I can still go in there and rant when I need to even if it’s just to the four walls.
    I don’t usually get sad over friends leaving or moving on and i’m sure it’s because when I was very tiny I had a really really close friend who I adored and she moved when we were 7 and it broke my heart and I never allowed myself to become so close to any one person again ever since, which is sad but it has saved some heartache over the years.


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