Hiding your trouble spots

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People have really surprised me lately, especially in my weight loss groups for the surgery.  Since I have sort of crossed over everybody has been very talkative and asking questions about what they will have to do once they reach this stage in the process.  Majority of the people are amaze that I weigh  over 300 pounds.  When I state my BMI is 55 they can not believe it.   But what people tend to forget is that I am technically very close to the ground. In order words I am short, 5`4 to be exact. People claim that I carry my weight really well. I have to explain that I don’t wear it well….I hide it really well.

One thing I do know is my problem areas. My stomach, my arms or bat wings as I called them, my thighs, wide butt and back. I make sure I purchased shirts that do not emphasized problem areas.  Because I have been ask if I was pregnancy because of Shelly the belly.  Pants are also purchased not to large on my frame but loose to help with spreading once I sit down.  I rarely wear dresses out because of my big legs. 

To each his own….but one thing I hate doing is showing my muffin top or wearing  shirts that are to tight that make me resemblance the Michelin man.  People are real quick to holler “girl be proud of your body” and I always end up giving them side eye.   It is alright to be proud of your body but….don’t walk out the house looking tore up.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really down for being you but we have to have some decency about our selves.

 However here is the thing….I can wear a size 24 in pants weighing 322 and someone else could be the same weight and wear a size 30 in pants.  It is all about how your body is shaped. We are not identical just because we weigh the same.

I am now in my first week of the 4 week required Optifast diet and man it is really hard.  I tell you what …..if I don’t lose weight on this sucker…I am going to flip out.  I am currently drinking 4 different flavors ready to drink supplements….. strawberry, chocolate, vanilla.  The flavor taste good and the soup are also good if you can believe that even though they are powder.  I really savor my one low- fat high protein meal.   Pray for me because I have three more weeks to go.


Love, peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy

13 thoughts on “Hiding your trouble spots

  1. I really can’t believe that the countdown is underway. This is going to be the Summer to remember for you, Tracy. Perseverance has its rewards. 🙂


  2. Interesting that you posted this….I was looking at some of the outfits on pinterest yesterday, thinking there is no way I’d wear that ….even at my goal weight….then went in search of articles or information on fashion as you are losing….anyway…there is not a lot out there. I’m 6 days post op.


    • How are you feeling??? One of my suggestions is the salvation army, good will, consignment shop. Were you are not spending a lot of money for clothes that you will not be able to wear.


  3. I am with you on the not looking tore up when you leave the house thing…one of the things that bugs me the most is when folks (skinny or fat or in between) just leave the house looking like they rolled out of bed. I can’t abide by that. I am more aware of it now that I can wear smaller clothes, and I always try to look put together when I walk out the door!


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