It is on and popping!!

motivational quotes for weight loss (14)

This morning I met with the nutritionist and surgery scheduler. The first thing we did was a body composition analysis, my results was a BMI of 55.3 and a body fat mass of 188lbs. Wow!! No wonder I feel like I am dragging another person around on my back, because 188 pounds is another person. Sometimes I feel so tired it takes everything just to get up out of bed and go to work or even start the day.


We went over the Optifast 8– pre-surgery diet and I have included several pictures of the products that I chose for my first week. Because I have this thing about protein bars I did not chose any…I hate how they taste. However I love protein shakes and I love soup so I chose the Shakes and soups. I chose the RTD (ready to drink) shakes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

You are required to use five Optifast 800 supplements and 1 meal a day which must consist of these food groups: protein, vegetables and fruit. You can only consume one soup a day and the rest have to be shakes. For the first week I chose tomato soup. Now I am little hesitate about the soup. But we are able to add spices so, I will be pulling out the garlic, basil, and oregano and onion powder to try and spice this soup up. Next week I will try the chicken soup.

You are also required to avoid all fruit juices, sweetened beverages, caffeinated or carbonated beverages. You can have sugar free, caffeine free, non carbonated drinks; Decaf tea or decaf coffee no creamer. You can drink crystal light and sugar-free favored waters, but I hate those drinks because they mess with my GERD, Nothing is to be fried, only grilled, microwave, steamed, baked, broiled or boiled. No starches period. You got to drink at least 80 oz of fluid. No alcohol whatsoever!!
We have classes that we will attend during this four week period weekly. My starting weight is 322lbs. You have a required weight loss goal that have to be met….by the second class I have to be down to 315, third class 311, fourth class 305. If you don’t meet the goals there is a huge chance your surgery will be cancel because you are consider non-compliance.

I am determine and I have my mind focus on the price….losing weight and obtaining a healthy weight.

Love and Peace, Happiness

Ms. Tracy




2 thoughts on “It is on and popping!!

  1. I’m on my 6th day of a liquid diet…also designed to shrink the liver. I’m not gonna lie, the first 2 days were rough….but since then it’s been surprisingly easy…I’m guessing the surgery looming over your heard is super motivating!….Good luck with yours…I’m sure you will do great…you have such a great attitude.


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