My journey, my life, my decisions


Well I got my letter in the mail about my approval for my surgery and was really excited.  Because this confirms I am having my surgery.  As you all know the surgery scheduler called me about the approval so I already knew.

My next step is to see the nutritionist  about starting the Optifast diet this Friday for four weeks.  I will start the diet this Saturday minus two hundred dollars in my pocket.  I am so really to get the ball moving.  The Optifast is suppose to help shrink your liver before the surgery,  because a enlarge liver can cause problem reaching your stomach during the surgery.  I have previously been diagnosed with fatty liver so this does  worry me some.

I will be allowed five Optifast 800 supplements and one food meal a day.  It will consist of protein such as chicken breast,  1 egg, fish, lean ham, turkey breast.  Vegetables non starchy, fruit such as Apple, oranges, kiwi, peaches, etc. Unlimited sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, picked, cucumbers.  APPROXIMATELY 1200 calories per day. Woo!!! I will really savor that one meal.

It seems that when you get to this point everybody starts trying to give you advice.  For instance two ladies made sure they mention…. so and so died from that surgery. I mean really!! The last thing anybody wants to hear is the word death especially when you are getting ready to have the surgery.

Nevertheless as I have said on numerous occasion.  This is my journey!! As long as I trust and believe in my Lord and Savior, I know everything is going be alright.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

14 thoughts on “My journey, my life, my decisions

  1. Some people don’t understand that this decision is not made lightly, but through careful education, preparation, and prayer. Do they really think we don’t know the risk? I don’t know of any other surgery where people are so intrusive. If it were treatment for cancer, heart, hip, knee, nothing. As soon as you mention weight-loss surgery there is this shift in thinking and frankly I don’t understand it. I am so excited for you as the transformation has begun. Here’s to your health. BTW. If I had the Optifast I would do it with you,(maybe any protein shake will do) because that pre-op diet sounds kinda good. 🙂


    • That is one of my biggest problem, then you have to explain that is not just about your weight. Yes you could lose some your weight but other medical conditions are causing problems. But that is beside the point. If you are disclosing such personal information just be supportive period.


      • Exactly. It can never be just bariatric surgery. It’s always followed with all the medical reasons why it’s necessary. But it is the only surgery where you have to explain yourself to no end. I mentioned the surgery to someone purely as a hypothetical situation based on medical conditions, and they were still adamant that it wasn’t necessary. It was their belief that it should be done for those individuals where they have to remove a wall, to remove them from their homes. Really? Should we wait until it gets to that point before surgery is even an option? Well, based on their views there was no point in sharing that I was having the surgery.


      • Wow really!! I can’t believe someone would really think that.
        I had someone tell me that there was no way I weighted over 300 pounds. They couldn’t believe it. I explained that I wear it well with my clothes. But he was sure that he and I were the same size. He weighs around 240. I could see the difference and he couldn’t.


  2. Happy dance time! It’s been a long time and a lot of effort on your part, so don’t pay others opinion any mind! I’m very happy that you’re finally approved and ready to go!!!


      • It is such a gratifying feeling for me to see all of this unfold. More than anything, you’ve never given up. Perseverance has its rewards and you’re living proof of it. Now, another part of your journey begins and I’m looking forward to following that as well.


  3. Poo on Negative people. I’ve dealt with a little negativism…but not as bad as I was afraid of…but still…100 positives can be knocked down by a few negatives…it seems. I recently read about a strategy for dealing with comments like that…is to question…who, what, why, how…often it turns out to be hearsay and they don’t have the facts right….or it’s ancient history.


  4. My surgery is July 22… Just started optifast today. I pray it works.
    I’ve started telling people I’m having hernia surgery( i am during my sleeve). People have said ” you don’t need surgery” or ” I bet I could help you get that weight off with my exercise program”, and ” you aren’t that big….”
    They don’t understand so I stopped telling people.


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