Self-esteem and weight



It is so hard waiting to see if you’re going to be approved for surgery.  I mean really, I didn’t want to call the surgery scheduler and bug the crap out of her. But when you have gone through this process this long your patience wears thin.  Yesterday at the group meeting we discuss self-esteem.  On many occasions I have talked about my lack of self-esteem.  There have been things that happen to me in my past that  have caused me to questioned my self-worth.

My father passed away when I was only 9 years old.  This seems to really have taken a toll on my self-esteem. I can remember kids picking at my sisters and I because our Dad passed away.  Bullying was out of controlled back then in the 80’s and kids were really mean. Then there was this  thing with the light skin versus dark skin girls, good hair versus nappy hair.  You can guess who side I was on.

Even though I only weighed around 160 or less I thought I was fat. It has taken years to build my self-esteem up this much. Oh how I wished I could go back in time and whisper in my ear that “girl you are bad and stop worrying about your weight.”

I feel that surgery will greatly improved my whole outlook on myself and help with these poor self-esteem issues.

Peace, love and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy

4 thoughts on “Self-esteem and weight

  1. Losing your parent when you were 9 was bad enough, but to have kids pile on makes it worse. Kids can be cruel, but it’s the parents job to instill empathy in them. It sounds like these group sessions are going to be good for getting out these reasons for your self esteem. Everything ahead of you is looking bright now! 🙂


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