They have submitted my surgery for approval!!


I am happier then a bear that fell in a bucket of honey.  I am happier than someone who just found a $100.00 bill laying in the road and they are broke..

I finally saw the doctor this past Monday and the surgery scheduler and she was submitting for approval for the gastric bypass. Even though a few days have passed and I have not heard anything, I am still happy as heck.   Because this journey has been long as heck and I thought I would never see the end.

On another note…I have been having some problems with my blood pressure.   Nevertheless I had to see the cardiology to make sure my old kicker is working correctly and sufficiently for the surgery.  He had to sign off to ensure that heart is working right.  He did give his approval after he performs a few tests and he also put me on a new beta blocker to try and lower my blood pressure for the upcoming surgery.

I am happy to say that everything seems to be falling in place.

Peace, love and Happiness!
Ms.  Tracy

8 thoughts on “They have submitted my surgery for approval!!

  1. Yay! I really hope that all goes well for you and you are not waiting too much longer. I know it’s not an easy choice to make to go for surgery and I know it’s not the quick easy fix people imagine it is and so I can imagine how much thought you have put into this decision and how many diets it has taken to get to this point. I’m sure the waiting will have helped set you in the right frame of mind for success with it 😀


  2. I had to have a stress test probably because of my B/P and Cholesterol….It’s all good…or at least good enough to have surgery….I will be so happy to get off the meds!….I hope you get a date soon.


    • The doctor decided against the stress test after my EKG was good. But my blood pressure seems to run between 130 to 160 so he added the beta blocker.
      I can’t wait to be drug free also. I also can’t wait until they give me a date.


  3. Cogratulations! This is an exciting time for sure! I literally had 3 weeks to the day from the time I found out my date. I still have people who say, or intimate, that this is an easy fix but it definitely isn’t. It’s a lot of work, but 6 days post op I have no regrets!


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