Why is everyone starting at me?

ImageWhy is it when I start going back to the gym after an extended  absence it feels as if everybody know I have been missing and haven’t been exercising.   I swear when I walk in everybody is watching me trying to see what I am going do, the big girl in me feel like it is because I am overweight.

At the same the skinny girls start pumping, running or stepping even harder…using me as motivation to stay trim.  The other heavies like myself start trying to figure out if they are bigger or smaller than I am.  (I have always wonder why we do that)

As soon as I choose my machine and start cleaning it…..I can feel the stares in my back.  I plug my ear plugs in and find my TV channel to watch and try to block everything out.   Until I have to stop and take a quick breather after every 50 calories I burn and wipe the sweat that is rolling down my cheeks.  I mean come on I am not Serena William (YET) and my fitness level need a LOT of improvement.  Then I got Julie the doll who keep peeping at my machine trying to do her best to do more than I do because she can’t let the big girl out do her.  Heck all I am doing is racing myself.

I have set little goals to try to extend my breather.   If I don’t stop and take a breather my body will take it for me.  I am not one of those people screaming “feel the burns, feel the burn”.  In my Kevin Hart voice I am saying “No…No, no, no, I don’t want to feel the burn.

Nevertheless I try to imagine that they are watching me because my eternal glow is shining like a bring morning sun.

Love, Peace and Exercise

Ms. Tracy



13 thoughts on “Why is everyone starting at me?

  1. Gym politics! They’re one of my pet peeves! lol I can’t stand when people peep at my stats. I want to work out and not feel the pressure of someone trying to run faster or burn more calories. Keep your eternal glow nice and bright!!!


  2. Mrs Tracy, as long as you keep going to the gym and pushing yourself, the breaks will take longer and longer to get to. As the weight comes off, it does get so much easier. Never let them get to you, keep jamming and exercising.


  3. Ignore them. They are dumb enough to be in there for their own selfish interests. Any one who doesn’t want you there is clueless and a jerk and shouldn’t be allowed to weigh in on your journey to get healthy.


  4. First of all, thanks for the follow and likes on my blog.. Second your doing great! Wish you the best of luck on your journey to a new and healthier you. I have been blessed with my bypass surgery and it has been amazing… best decision i ever made.
    We live out in the sticks so joining a gym wasn’t really an option (would have taken a 35 min drive each way to get to the gym) But i know what you mean.. when i am playing the biggest loser challenge on wii and bob or jillian gives me some smarty pants comment about i need to do more / try harder i feel like telling em where to go!!!
    but it’s all good i am working out, loving the new me and all the stuff i can do.. and getting healthier every day!


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