Falling down……


I have jumped ship, fell off the bridge, bumped my head, lost all sense of direction and I am walking around and around in circles. I know what the problem is and where I went astray. It started with all these problems I was having with the insurance and having to start over with a new doctor. Even though I have completed every aspect of the requirements for the surgery, being told that you will have to change bariatric doctor and go to a hospital that is 60 miles out of your way will throw a major wretch in your plans.

My Aunt’s passing was another thing that also side tracked me. Dealing with death of someone you love causes all kind of emotions and I chose to eat unhealthy during this time. But here is the major kicker every time I eat something that I know is fattening I know it is wrong and I shouldn’t do it. But I still did it nevertheless. Luckily I did not gain any weight.

I am now in the process of reevaluating all of my behaviors and focusing on getting back on track. I am really lucky that I do not have to take any more therapy or nutrition meetings. But I will have to wait 2 more months before I have the surgery. So I started out with the surgery date in February or March. Now I am looking at June of this year. This delay is also causing problems with my hip surgery that I was supposed to have in September or October, now I am probably looking at November or December. Do I really want to have a hip replacement during the holiday? The answer is no…but because I will have met my deductible for the year I would be stupid not to have it as soon as I can. Moving forward nonetheless, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Because we all fall down, we just got to get back up and get back on track.


5 thoughts on “Falling down……

  1. Yes, that’s it! As my dad used to tell, when “stuff” happens, we need to pull up our socks and keep on walking ….. hang in there, bebe … and congratulations on not gaining during the process! Good onya!


  2. I had a photo on my blog recently which said I don’t see my failings as a step backward, I just take another step forward and turn it into a cha cha. (Something like that). Don’t beat yourself up over a few days in life, a few days which were spent under duress, carry on, be the strong woman you know you are and dance that dance.


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