Come along and ride on my Fantastic Voyage.

ImageOne thing that I wanted to make sure I did when I started my blog was to inspire someone and not be depressing.  I did not want people to read my blog and want to cry.   I wanted people to read my post and think WOW if she can do it….  I know I can.

Therefore I wanted to make a list of things that I want to accomplish on this weight loss journey. I will mark off each goal as I complete it.   I am really looking forward to scratching through each one of these goals. Come along and ride on my Fantastic Voyage.

1.       Buy pants because they look good not because they will fit over my stomach.
2.       Buy shirts because they look good not because they will hide my stomach.
3.       Wear a pair of 6 inch stilettos.
4.       Wear leggings and actually look good.
5.       Exercise without stopping to breathe every five seconds.
6.       Wear a nice hat without having to cut the back to make it fit on my head.
7.       Fit into any restaurant booth without worry if Shelly my belly was sitting on the table.
8.       Walk long distances without worrying about passing out.
9.       Wear shorts above the knees.
10.   Wear a Maxi dress and not look 9 months pregnancy.
11.   Wear a pants suit with a jacket that will fit over my arms.
12.   Bend over and touch my toes.
13.   Wear my natural hair without my head looking like a basketball sitting on my enlarge body.
14.   Lose my double chin.
15.   Turn my head to the right or left side without popping a blood vessel in my neck.
16.   Can sit in any chair without worrying if it is going to break.
17.   Can sit in any movie or concert chair.
18.   Twerk correctly for my husband. Lol
19.   Carry my nephew in my arms while walking.
20.   Finally wear my cream or vanilla color vest and pantsuit with a pair of black stiletto.

7 thoughts on “Come along and ride on my Fantastic Voyage.

  1. Tracy, I love this! You made me laugh and Im not going to lie…I did tear up a bit because I share your pain and struggle and your goal list was AMAZING! I have NO DOUBT you can get there and I cannot wait to join you on the voyage!


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