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My set back will be a set up for my come back


One thing I have learned on this journey to have my weight loss surgery is to expect for it to be bumps in the road.  Sometimes these bumps can throw you off your path and make you just want to give up.   With that being said…I hit a major bump…this wasn’t just any kind of bump like the last one where I had to do 3 more session with the nutritionist.  

This bump requires that I change physician and hospital.  My spouse’s employer has their own requirements that have to be followed for the insurance.  First there are only a few hospitals and weight loss doctors in the network that have the Center of Excellence for United Healthcare.  My current doctor and hospital does have the Center of Excellence, just not the additional one with United Healthcare.  

Because of these requirements and even though my doctor is in my network; I will be required to travel an hour outside of my town for the new doctor.   The hospital where I will eventually have surgery is also located about 1 hour and 30 minutes away.   Because the surgery is an elective there is not a GAP exception. Can you say a smack in the face?  

Nevertheless I did talk to the new office surgery scheduler and as soon as I explained the reason for the change because of my spouse’s insurance she knew exactly what I was talking about.  The surgery scheduler has emailed me on several occasions and has given me all kind of information about their requirements.  The only other thing I will have to do is pay an extra hundred dollars and meet with the doctor, therapist and nutritionist once.  She informed me that the surgery will be in two more months. My appointment is coming up this week with the new doctor and I have a list of questions I will be asking him.  

What really pisses me off is that I called United Healthcare and asked all kind of questions and they never informed me about Center of Excellence for United Health care requirement. If I knew this I would have went to the correct doctor from the jumpstart. There is no reason to cry over spilled milk, because it is done and there is nothing I can do about it beside quit and not have the surgery which is not an option. 

Even though this is a setback I can pick myself up, brush myself off, and start again. I will not let this set back make me quit! My set back will be a set up for my come back! Therefore my come back will propel me toward my goal, which is to get my weight under control and healthy. 

On a good note I have lost an extra six pound this month.

Love Peace and Blessing

Mrs. Tracy


Open, wounded and recovering


Sometimes in life we all encounter obstacles that will set us back or knock us down.  Last Saturday, I lost my last aunt on my father’s side she was only 54 years old.  One reason this death hurt so much is because we had recently lost her older sister in September of 2013.  When you are dealing with something so painful it is really hard to keep up healthy eating.   Because you are  in pain and really in your feelings…. the last thing you are thinking about is counting calories.  I can admit that I did get off of track.  Right now I have gotten back on track and focusing on dealing with their absences.

During this trying time all I could think about is ….what I could have done different and how I wished I had spent more time with each one of them. Death leaves you open and wounded as if someone have removed a piece of your heart and it is forever gone.  My hardest task is helping my children to understand and learn how to cope with death.   I suggested that they dig deep and prepare themselves because this will not be the last one and I encouraged them to pray and ask GOD for guidance during this time.

I have one uncle left and I hate to admit it but we are not really close.   He really took it hard and is also having a hard time coping.  My sisters, cousins and I are currently reaching out to him and trying to bring everyone closing.  If we are successful we don’t really know but we will do our best and try.

Love, Peace and Hope

Mrs. Tracy

Analyze, Address, Adapt, Achieve four A’s to live by


I am a very emotional person, and it does not take much for me to cry.   Watching The 600 lbs life show seems to hit home every time.   I believe that I am able to relate with each one of the people even the one who is not successful on their journey.  Even though I do not weigh as much as they did starting this journey I still feel every bit of their pain and I cry every time they cry.

When you are overweight it causes problems with walking, standing and bending.  One of my major problems because of my weight is putting on my own trousers socks.   Shelly the Belly restricts how far I can reach and I have to maneuver all over the place just to put my own socks on.   I am pretty sure that my hips cause some problems with it also.   I mean really this is such a simple task.  Just Imagine if you cannot reach your feet to put sock on.  I am going to add this to my list of things that I want to be able to do once I start losing.

Nevertheless I blame myself for my children being overweight also….. Because of how I cooked and what we ate when we went out to eat.  Golden Corral, Ryan’s, and many Buffets restaurant were in business because of my family.  It really hits home when I watch my kids fighting to lose the weight and become healthy again.   If I had cooked and provided healthy meals right from the jump-start they wouldn’t be fighting this war now. I would have instilled healthy eating habits that they could carry on into adulthood. I am accepting responsibility for my all of my actions.   Some people are not able to accept their responsibility for their weight.  It is in my experience this can cause you to gain the weight right back.  Problems and goals have to be addressed in this order:  Analyze, Address, Adapt, Achieved to correct problems.    These are the four A’s that I am living by.

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy

It’s a Family affair our journey to healthier lifestyle


I am celebrating to the moon and back.  My son who is 14 years old and is  5’9, has loss 6 pounds a week since he started working out with the JV team at the high school for the football team.   They have 17 football state titles under their belt.  So this is a really good program here in South Carolina and they take football really serious.  Nevertheless let get back to my son…he has lost 6 pounds for 3 weeks straight with a total lost of 18 pounds so far.  He just started spring training 3 weeks ago.  He is also eating really healthy and has cut out all fast foods and sweets.  He is my Hercules, I catch him flexing in the mirror all the time looking at his muscles as they form in his arms.  He has some belly fat and is working on his abs also.

My daughter who is 19 years old and is a sophomore in college has also embarked on our healthy quest.   She is actively attending the YMCA at least 3 to 4 days a week exercising and eating healthy.  She is working at Zaxby’s and has been for about 5 years.  She is eating a lot of grilled chicken and salads.  She is my she-hero.

Last but not least my husband has finally joined us all and is watching and monitoring everybody eating habits to make sure we are all successful.   He is usually the last one to join because he really loves to eat.  But he said he wants to lose weight and get healthy also.  He stands a lot on his job and knows that weight lost will help with his standing for 12 hours on his job

Now my next goal is to start working on Shelly the Belly and defining Bertha the Butt so it will look like Serena Williams the tennis star after my surgery.  Mrs. William is my favorite female athlete and I just love everything about her.   I recently told my husband that I want calf’s and butt just like her.   He laughs and told me he agrees with me saying “I would love for you to have Serena’s body makeup.”

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy

My husband is my biggest supporter for my weight loss surgery.


I love my husband.  He has been working on his current job about 30 minutes away from our current town for about 9 months.  This job has the insurance that allows the gastric bypass surgery.  He previously worked at a company here in our town for 2 years that was only about 10 minutes away, but was through a temporary company.  They only kept him for 2 years and laid him off.  When we started job searching we looked for a job that was permanent and with good benefits and were able to found his current position.  Nevertheless he got a call from his old temporary company about coming back to the company here in town.  Even though it was tempting he didn’t even think twice about saying no because he knew his current job was the reason I was able to have the gastric bypass.  He told me afterwards and let me know he told them no.   I wanted to hug and kiss him if I hadn’t been driving to hospital yesterday for the endoscopy.

The endoscopy had your girl scare as crap.  The nurse fiddle around trying to find a vein to put the IV in and ended up sticking me three times trying to find a viable vein.  But the nurse was nice, so I didn’t fuss.

The overall experience was over before I knew it even though I woke up to the doctor putting the light down my throat and thought that somehow Sherry was choking in my sleep.  (Sherry is my CPAP machine.)  Evidently they knock me back out because all I remember is waking up to my handsome husband sitting beside me.  My throat feel likes someone stuck a water hose down my throat and I feel a little tender in my chest area.  But overall the experience wasn’t bad.  The doctor said everything look good so one more thing out the way.

 I live to see another day, another hour, and other minute.

Love, Peace and Happiness.

Mrs. Tracy

Here is a link to a post in this blog about Sherry and our precious friendship.

Dealing with disappointments and setbacks!


 I was really disappointed today and had to sit for a spell to get my nerves in check.   The doctor’s surgery scheduler calls me today to discuss possible dates that I may have the surgery.   After we came up with two possible dates which were March 31 or April 22 she gave me a phone number to United Healthcare where I have to register for the barbaric surgery.  Well I made the call and was informed very sternly that I need a 6 month monitor diet plan before the surgery.   Now here’s my issues and why I am a little pissed, ticked, frizzled, and mad.  I call the insurance company as soon as I found out that the weight loss surgery was available and asked every question that pertains to being approved for surgery.   I was told that I would only have to show proof of 5 years of obesity from my primary doctor for United Healthcare and meet with an approved therapist.   I even asked and was told no about the 6 month diet requirements.

Now today I was informed that there is a requirement for the 6 month monitor diet and what Untied Healthcare requires could be different from what my spouse employer also requires.   WOW!! Knocked me right off of my feet.

I quickly called the surgery scheduler and informed her of what they said.   She quietly calmed me down and explained that I already had 4 months of supervised diet because I was going twice monthly and it went over into the fourth month.   I would have to meet with the nutritionist this month and around the first of next month and then she can submitted for approval.   I am scheduled to have the endoscopy tomorrow morning, so that process will be out-of-the-way.  Nevertheless I did expect some hiccups and this is one of the hiccups.  Nevertheless the April date is still very possible after the two week liquid diet.   I am going to stay focus and keep my eyes on the prize, getting my weight under control no matter what distractions or problems that come my way.

Stay Blessed!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy

Come along and ride on my Fantastic Voyage.

ImageOne thing that I wanted to make sure I did when I started my blog was to inspire someone and not be depressing.  I did not want people to read my blog and want to cry.   I wanted people to read my post and think WOW if she can do it….  I know I can.

Therefore I wanted to make a list of things that I want to accomplish on this weight loss journey. I will mark off each goal as I complete it.   I am really looking forward to scratching through each one of these goals. Come along and ride on my Fantastic Voyage.

1.       Buy pants because they look good not because they will fit over my stomach.
2.       Buy shirts because they look good not because they will hide my stomach.
3.       Wear a pair of 6 inch stilettos.
4.       Wear leggings and actually look good.
5.       Exercise without stopping to breathe every five seconds.
6.       Wear a nice hat without having to cut the back to make it fit on my head.
7.       Fit into any restaurant booth without worry if Shelly my belly was sitting on the table.
8.       Walk long distances without worrying about passing out.
9.       Wear shorts above the knees.
10.   Wear a Maxi dress and not look 9 months pregnancy.
11.   Wear a pants suit with a jacket that will fit over my arms.
12.   Bend over and touch my toes.
13.   Wear my natural hair without my head looking like a basketball sitting on my enlarge body.
14.   Lose my double chin.
15.   Turn my head to the right or left side without popping a blood vessel in my neck.
16.   Can sit in any chair without worrying if it is going to break.
17.   Can sit in any movie or concert chair.
18.   Twerk correctly for my husband. Lol
19.   Carry my nephew in my arms while walking.
20.   Finally wear my cream or vanilla color vest and pantsuit with a pair of black stiletto.