I am constantly learning, relearning and adjusting everyday.


A month ago I posted about Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance (see the link)  http://wp.me/p48Fm9-4k.  I believe that I have adapted to this behavior and I have determined that I have change behaviors.  I am continuously make good food choices without any problems.

When I go to the grocery store I know what to buy to keep up good eating habits to make sure that I support  healthy eating. It is really easy to eat unhealthy food, but I am doing my best to stay focus.  My 14 years old son, is also peeping over my shoulder all the time, because he wants to lose weight to pick up his speed for his football.   So this also helps with staying motivated.

My biggest issue is when the hubby and I go out eat.  I always have a hard time picking healthy choices.   I have this thing where I want to eat something good because I am paying for it. This is where cognitive-emotive dissonance comes into play when eating out.  This is behavior that I will have to really work on, it is in my opinion that it is really easy to control these behaviors at home.  But when you are dining out it is really hard to stay on track.  Those temptations fly out the window and that previous behavior surfaces again.   One thing I have learned on this road is that everything is not easy.  Because food is my temptation, I have come ready to fight and win.

I recently ran across several posts about weight loss.  Some inspirations, some not, and one such site seemed to view obesity differently.  It stated that if we wants to stay overweight why should non-fat people worry about it.    Now while I agree with the author about how we are viewed, I did not agree with the posts about the weight loss and why doctors, nutritionists or whomever should stop encouraging overweight people to lose weight and aim for healthy weight. Nevertheless I have to disagree because if I had listen to my doctor about my eating habits and my weight.  I would not be in the sh
ape I am in now.  I guess one reason I also disagree with the posts is because I am one of those people now.  I have talked to my kids and use myself as example to explained why they need to eat healthy and exercise.  I believe that if I would have listen it would have help me to stay healthy and I would not have all these medical problems that I am having now.  It is in my opinion that we have to open our eyes and realize that being overweight is not good and we are causing ourselves great harm by not focusing on healthy eating habits.

Peace, Love and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy


6 thoughts on “I am constantly learning, relearning and adjusting everyday.

  1. As someone who eats out A LOT, I can say that yes, it can be tough to make good choices when dining out. However, if you preview the menu of the place you are going to before you go there, look for the healthy choices and decide that THAT is what you are going to have, it becomes very easy to make good choices. I always look for grilled fish, chicken, or shrimp. I will choose salads or steamed veggies and most of the time I will steer clear of potatoes and rice. I do eat these things sometimes, but I do not eat much when I do. We ask that bread or chips/salsa not be brought to the table.

    These are behaviors that take time to learn, but it is good to try and learn them now so that by the time you are ready to go out to eat post-op, you will already have them in place.

    As for eating something good because you are paying for it…you are paying for groceries the same as you would be paying for a dish cooked by someone else. How does this view fit with the things you buy to eat at home?


    • I don’t know why I am separating the two because they are both the same. Usually it because these are restaurants I have been to in the past and I want to eat what I used to eat. It all about changing those behaviors again.


  2. Dining out is definitely a challenge. They’re trying to sell you everything on the menu, and you’re trying to eat healthy. I don’t go out to dinner a lot, and that’s one of the reasons. A way around it is to download the menu from the restaurant and decide what to order before you go there. And that’s if the restaurant posts their menu online.


    • This is so true but..the temptation is still there. I do that for every restaurant I go to…but I still got that little evil person on my shoulders saying eat the food it won’t hurt.


  3. I love this post and I agree with you. Eating out to me is a social event that triggers that feeling in me that it’s ok, this is an outing. I am much better when I don’t eat out. I also agree with you about people should worry about being overweight…if not for themselves, for their children. If I had taken my doctor’s advice, I would not have lived most of my adult life so overweight that it was hard to enjoy life. I wish I had those years back. Now, my son is obese and I set that example for him. I regret that.


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