When shopping as a plus size woman do you just give up?

shopping-girls-cartoonBecause this is a weight loss blog you have to discuss clothing and shoes experiences because your weight affects each one of these things.   I recently talked about my experiences with shoes and now I want to explore buying clothing. 

When you are  severely overweight as I am, you usually have a paunch, beer belly, pot belly, bread basket, muffin top, or just a plain big belly  these only a few well-known names that are use when describing our stomach fat.  Because my belly tends to extend outwards it causes me some problems when I am shopping for pants.

Currently my height is 5’4 and that seems to cause some problems with pants.  I have to hem them or just step on them. But the biggest issues in pants, because of my belly are the fit over my stomach.  I can find pants that will fit the thighs and even go over the buttocks but get stuck on the stomach area.  Usually I am unable to button or hook the pants.  What I don’t understand about clothing designers is …if you making clothes for overweight people why you would assume they would have a slim waistline or no stomach.  I mean really…….I am at the point where I want to start making my clothing myself.  I know what looks good on me and how to hide a lot of my problem areas.  But locating these clothing can cause a big headache.   I hate tight clothing and I go to great effort to hide my bumps and humps.   You will never see Mrs. Tracy in something really tight and revealing and I really, really, really hate leggings, or just plain dang tights. They need to ban or burnt those suckers up  and wipe them from existence. Don’t get me wrong some people look good in them, just not us big girls.

One thing I have notice on facebook in the groups I follow for the weight loss surgery, is that all the people who have had the weight loss surgery are showing off their pictures holding older clothing up that they wore  before their surgery.  This is one of my goals, to be able to purchase clothing that I like and not what they have in my size.

I have this one outfit that I am looking forward to buying and wearing.  I can see myself in a pair of cream wide legs pants and cream vest with big buttons down the front with cream shirt under the vest with a pair of black stiletto heels.

Love, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy


16 thoughts on “When shopping as a plus size woman do you just give up?

  1. I think that you’ll realize your goals, and when you do all of this work that you’ve done will be viewed upon with great appreciation. We’ll look forward to the photo that you post in that outfit!


  2. Fashion and clothing are so important and it’s crippling not to be able to express yourself that way…. I studied and worked in fashion in NYC and that is still my career goal so I can tell you there are many ways to make an outfit work. I also think everyone is beginning to cater to plus size women now and there are a few stores where you can find on trend designs in a plus size.
    Your goal outfit sounds hot


  3. Depending on how much loose skin you have, Spanx will be a good thing to have.
    I totally get your frustration with buying pants–for a long, long time I had to buy pants that were bigger in the waist because my gut was so large that the pants looked ridiculous. Now that I’m 6 pants sizes down from my biggest (from a 32 to a 22, and inching down toward a 20), pants are SO much easier to buy! Although I too have to have mine hemmed up–I’m the same height as you. My frustration with buying clothes is that now I have so many more choices it is tough to sort through what looks good because it actually fits. I find that I buy things now that actually look good and that I really love rather than buying something just because it fits. I’ve gotten rid of so many too big for me now clothes that I bought when I was bigger because they just fit. Looking at them, they really aren’t all that cute.


  4. I have the same problem. My legs are rather skinny compared to the rest of me, especially my stomach. Having PCOS also means that everything goes straight to my stomach, and even though I have lost a lot of weight after my surgery, the stomach just won’t shrink, so it’s still bothering me!
    I was lucky though, I used to work part time in a clothing store named Zizzi, and they catered solely to larger women, so not only was I surrounded by clothes that actually fit, I got 75% off on everything.
    It’s odd though, with more and more of the population being ‘overweight’ (I hate that word!!), you’d think that designers and stores would try to keep up, wouldn’t you? There market is expanding after all.
    When it comes to shoes, have have worn shoes in the EU size 40-41 for as long as I can remember, and now I just bought a pair in 38… Didn’t think my feet would be shrinking after the surgery, but apparently they have. So don’t buy those killer heels until after you have lost some of the weight! Give it some months.


    • That is one of my biggest frustration when I do shop. I make sure the shirts never emphasize the stomach or the underarm. I hate when clothes are tight I will pull on them the whole day trying to stretch it out to hide flaws I think are showing. The high heels I don’t know if I will ever be able to walk in a pair but after some weight loss I am going to try.


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