Gaining control over “The Mechanical Beast” once and for all.


I went to the YMCA tonight and got it in.   I rode about 2 miles on the bike and complete about ½ mile on the stair climber burning around 200 Calories.   I know that is not a lot, but with a bad hip I can’t over do it or I will have problem walking the next day.   Since I am not going to the nutritionist until after the surgery, I am going to do a weekly weight in every Wednesday to keep track of my weight loss on the Mechanical Beast (the weight scale).  I am refusing to give that sucker any power if I can help it.   I am one of those people who will weigh every morning.  I got to break free from the control that sucker has over me.  One other thing that I have also notice is by keeping a food log, that includes calories, proteins, carbs and fat counts I really manage my food intake way better.

While in the gym I swear all the skinny women start working really hard, sweat be flying everywhere.  It’s like they look at me and use me as their motivation and are saying under their breath “I refuse to let myself get that big.”  Laughing out loud at myself on that one, but the truth of the matter is …when you are the biggest person in the gym.  You do think everybody is staring at you.  Don’t let anybody else come in bigger than you, then you trying to estimate who is the biggest.  I have heard it said that overweight people have amnesia because they forget they are overweight and love to talk about other overweight people.  As if they are not carrying an extra person on their own back. 

Recently I have start watching the show “My 600lb life.” it is really motivating me to stay on track with my life change, not just for me but for my whole family.  My 14 years old son watched the show with me and I could tell it was really an eye opener for him.  He is a football player and he wants to get in the best shape for his upcoming freshman year.   As a matter fact he is the one that makes sure that I go to the gym.  This show really shows how hard it is to get your weight under control when you have gain so much weight.  I am rooting for the patients every step of the way, because we are all in the same boat.  Trying to gain control of our own life again and live a healthy life as long as possible.

 Love, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy


6 thoughts on “Gaining control over “The Mechanical Beast” once and for all.

  1. Yup…I did this just today: I was visiting with my cousins (who are also overweight) and I said to my husband, “I’m smaller than my cousins, right” and he said “Yeah, I was noticing that you are definitely smaller than they are.” When we were kids, I was the biggest one, and now I’m smaller than both of them. It’s hard not to feel smug about it. :/


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