My path is not your path


I saw something really disturbing a couple of days ago on one of the groups I follow on the facebook about weight loss surgery.  One woman had recently had the surgery and was only about a week out.  She stated that she wants to end her life and the surgery was one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made and she was looking up possible reversal. Her post was so disturbing another woman who was schedule to have the surgery in a couple of days was also second guessing her surgery because of this post.  This is the type of stuff that scares the crap out me.  I am finally on the last leg of my journey and I am anxiously looking forward to having my surgery.  But when you read stuff like this.  It makes you stop and thinks is this the path I want to take.  Now I know we all have our own experiences with the surgery but it makes you think twice.   I have recently starting hearing a lot about the stages you go through with the weight loss surgery.  One of the stages is call the hibernation stage during this stage the body realizes that it is not going to receive its usual amount of calories.  Everybody on the page was telling the young woman that she was going through this stage.  They discussed how her body is falling back on its built-in evolutionary response to a low food supply the body just wants to rest and be as still as possible until the food returns. Energy levels drops through the floor, and you will become emotionally tearful or irritable.  They even discuss how your body is really pissed off at you because you have disrupted it usual food schedule.  It causes the person a lot of problems because they are recovering from the pain and now this.

Nonetheless I did have my last nutritionist appointment and she informed me that the Therapist sign off on my therapy session. I also lost 2 more pounds and now the only thing I am waiting on is for the doctors to meet and I will start the completing all the testing and finally get a surgery date.  I am nervous but excited at the same time. I do know that my path may not even be like the other woman and I am focusing on the positive benefits from the surgery. 

Then I got some more good news.  I am getting a promotion on my job.  So I am really happy because I only completed my Master Degree in May of 2012 and became a Counselor in November 2012. Things are really going really well even though I am having some medical problems.  Even in a storm you can still receive blessing and I am a true example of this. 


Love, Peace, and Happiness stay Blessed. 

Ms. Tracy


10 thoughts on “My path is not your path

  1. Never read anything on the internet prior to surgery! lol I had spinal fusion on c6-c7 a few years ago and I was scared to death over it. I went on the internet and found so many stories of how the surgery didn’t work (at best) to paralysis (at worst). My neuro surgeon said stop reading and trust him. He had been doing this surgery for 30 years. I suppose reading the internet is like watching the local news. There’s not much of a market for stories that turn out good. Most of the stories on my local news are really horrible stories, although they must be a tiny amount of what really goes on. My lesson learned was that negative stories sell. Trust your doctor and reap the rewards of this path that you’ve traveled on.


    • Whenever I mention I Google something on the internet to my doctor…I get that eye roll. Like is she really going believe that crap on the internet. But what the doctor failed to realize is that people.are posting their experiences on here. How you let it guide you on your journey is the key. But my doctors all tell me the same thing that your doctor said.


  2. Tracy, the negative stories abound – similar to everybody’s labor and delivery horror stories – just remember that the VAST MAJORITY (like 90%) of people who have WLS have no complications or issues whatsoever. Very very VERY few people ever regret having WLS. It sounds to me like this person was not emotionally prepared for surgery. It is excellent and critical to understand the good, bad and ugly about WLS procedures, or any invasive procedure for that matter, so that you are prepared emotionally and physically for taking care of yourself post-op – and relying on the expertise of your medical support team!


  3. I can’t even participate in online support groups anymore. They are way too negative and I running one myself. This journey is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has been far from easy especially in my story but it has been so worth it. Keep your head up. You know what’s right for you.


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