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How deep is your love?

The husband and I had THAT conversation last night.  I know you are looking at the computer screen and are wondering what the heck is this woman talking about.  You know the conversation I am talking about…My sexy man said “You are going to lose all that weight and you are going to leave me.  Men will be hitting on you left and right after you drop that weight.”   I had to stop right there for a minute because I was trying to figure out who he was talking about.  Surely not me because the last thing I ever had were men beating down my door.  I had occasion knocks or kick back in the day before I met the hubby.  But let’s be truthful I have never been Beyoncé, maybe Missy Elliott but never Beyoncé.

I mean I was really surprised that we even had that conversation at all.    I have read about how weight loss can affect your marriage in blogs or research articles, we even discuss it in our therapy group.  But I never thought I would ever hear it from my husband.  Even though he was kidding when he said it, I still had to reflect on it for a minute.   Because usually when he is kidding about something it usually means he is concern about it.

Therefore, you do have to wonder about the spouses/significant others and what they are going through.  Because we the patient go through therapy to prepare our mind and body.  But what about the spouses, how do they prepare for the spouses/significant others weight loss.  Maybe there is a need for a counseling group for the spouses/significant others so they can handle the weight loss or any other issues they may go through.

Nevertheless I causally reminded him that he was the love of my life time and no weight loss or weight gain can ever separate the two of us.  I told him after twenty-two years you actually believe I would leave you just because I lost weight.   I reminded him that our love is deeper than any  fat layer.

However…………….…if Morris Chestnut is reading this blog and he thinks I am beautiful chocolate drop or Will Smith wants to get a little dark chocolate in his life.  Hit me up!!

ImagePeace, Love and Happiness!!!