When is the right time for gastric bypass surgery?


It is so cold today and the temperature is 34 degrees in my town. Because of the weather I decided to fix a hot-pot of vegetable soup.  I added 2 cans of purée tomato and 1 can of diced tomato.  1 bag of frozen green beans, 1 bag of frozen okra, 1 one pound of ground turkey, one onion, 1 can of corn.  I seasoned it with pepper and salt, garlic powder.   Let it cook about 2 hours and it was ready.

There is just something about soup that smoove the soul. It seems to make everything better.   I only worked two days this week and enjoy my time off.  It was a relaxing week, until I talked to my doctor on Friday about my ultrasound.  Turns out I have a fatty liver that is causing all the pain on my right side and I will be referred to a gastroenterologist. The gall bladder is fine.

Nevertheless you have to wonder did I decide to have the gastric bypass at the right time.  Because I believe I did.   Everybody knows that a fatty liver comes from obesity.  It seems that my weight is causing all kinds of medical problems that could have been avoided if I would have kept my weight under control.  I know that is beside the point now, because I am working on getting my weight under control and stable.
I have a nutritionist appointment on Monday and then I only have one more appointment left. Two more meeting with the therapy group and I will be finished with that.  So I don’t have long, I just need to be patience.   I have carried this weight around for 23  years I can handle a few more months.

9 thoughts on “When is the right time for gastric bypass surgery?

  1. The difficult journey will be worth it. At the end, you’ll not only be healthier, but you’ll know more about yourself than you ever thought you could.


  2. Yes you did it at the right time. No better time than NOW. I’m sure that you’re getting more excited as the time gets closer.


  3. So you’re definitely having surgery?
    I dropped by your blog because you commented on mine, and now I see we have something else in common, other than our love for books and hospitality 😉
    I had my surgery last June, so I’m almost 7 months post-op now. Good luck on your journey! And let me know if you have any questions, I know I had tons of them before my surgery.


    • Oh yes, I am having the surgery if I am approved. I am about finished with everything hopefully everything will go well.
      Oh yea, I love to read I am waiting on Morgan Rice book in the Sorcerer Series to come out at the end of this month.


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