Eat the cake Anna Mae!!

I am so glad that the holidays are over.   When it comes to the holidays, I really struggle with maintaining my healthy eating choices. There are just too many fattening food available.

I cooked a lot of the meals for my family and I did not sample my cooking, but boy it was hard as heck. I also made healthy dishes to make sure that I watch my calories, carbs intake.  Nevertheless I can readily admit that I have a food addiction that rivals any other kind of addictions.   Some people really don’t believe that there is a thing called food addiction, I do. I try to listen to my body when I am eating to make sure that I don’t overeat.   But it is like I got this little evil chef and this little healthy chef standing on my shoulder fighting.  One is saying “Eat the cake Anna Mae, it won’t hurt anything. “  Then I got the good chef saying “drink your water and eat an apple.”   This struggle is real….I fight it every minute of the day.

One of my worst obsessions is Red Velvet Cake.  I had it all figure out this year for Christmas.  I was not going to make that cake.  But when my daughter found out she about had a heart attack.   She begged and begged me to fix that cake and because it was Christmas I did.  I would be telling a lie if I said I did not eat a piece.  I actually ate 3 pieces on 3 different days.  I also sample that icing as I prepared it.  There is something about cream cheese. You can mix it with anything and it taste great. But I was so happy when family came over…I gave all that cake away.

When you indulge the guilt comes on.  The guilt of eating the unhealthy foods can just about make someone depressed. I know what I have to do and what has to happen when I have the surgery.  I know that it gets better the longer you manage healthy living.  I am still learning, coping and managing.  However, I am at war and I intend to win the war at any cost.

9 thoughts on “Eat the cake Anna Mae!!

  1. Hi Tracy…. I think that the holidays are so tough on those of us trying to manage our weight. There’s the emotional tug of the holidays that constantly try to break down our resistance. I think that if we ‘survive’ the holidays, we’ve done well. I’ve posted several times in responses and posts that if we can hold serve, or close to it during these times, we’ve done well. I know that you’ll be successful. The holidays are over it’s game time!


  2. Next time you’re faced with a food that you really love but that doesn’t love you (and let’s face it, the cake does NOT love you), think about what benefit that cake has for you. Is it feeding you something nutritious, or is it feeding some emotional need that you are feeling hunger for?


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