My Gall Bladder is trying to wreck havoc on my Body!

I hope everybody had a great Merry Christmas and have a safe and awesome New Year’s.

I went to the doctor on Monday for my 4th visit with the nutritionist and I have lost four more pounds.  I only have two more visits with the nutritionist and weight loss group then I will be finished.   I know I have several more things that will need to be done.   Including a Gall Bladder ultrasound, but what I did not expect was my gall bladder to start attacking my body.

For the last couple of weeks I have been in severe pain off and on.   See my problem is I have arthritis in my hips and will eventually have to have a complete hip replacement. (I am trying to prolong that sucker for about 10 years.)  So when I started having pain on my sides, I am usually trying to figure out if it is my hips or other pain.  But oh Boy, this pain right here was so different.  This was a number 10 on the pain scale.  Those suckers (the pain) crawled up my back and rode down my side like a roller coaster. I thought that little elf that everyone is going crazy about was jumping on me with spikes heels.  So off to my primary physician I go.   First thing he does is try to rule out a pulled muscle and prescribe flexeril pills.

Now we are in another whole ball park, see this young sweet thing has never ever, ever taken flexeril.  These bad boys right here….. are all in a different playing field.  These little pills put your girl down.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and could barely wake up the next morning.   I had to put a B12 pill up under my tongue and drink a cup of coffee with caffeine just to get up.  Trust and believe that I know I do not suppose to have caffeine but I needed that caffeine really bad.

So an ultra scan of my gallbladder is schedule to make sure this is the cause.  Therefore, I discussed this with the nurse practitioner Monday and she told me that I needed to wait for 6 weeks (if they want to remove my gall bladder) if I can for my gastric bypass surgery.  She explained that they can remove my gall bladder during the surgery.  Now six weeks is not that long.  But when you are in pain off and on, six weeks is a long time.

Nevertheless I cannot believe that this much time has pass and I am about to embark on the most exciting trip in my life, control of my life.   This trip will ensure that I will live a long and bless life.  Say a prayer for me controlling this pain from my gall stones.


8 thoughts on “My Gall Bladder is trying to wreck havoc on my Body!

  1. Only six weeks? That’ll go by fast. I’m sorry about the pain that you’re in. I hope that you can control the pain. Do they have meds that can help without disrupting your day? I had meds prior to my spinal fusion, and I couldn’t work and/or drive when I was on them.

    Best of luck to you!


  2. The night before my surgery I was sleeping on the couch, since my groaning would keep my wife up. I was tossing and turning, trying to find anyway that I could position my body to alleviate the pain. What kept me going was knowing that i would soon be rid of the pain. The next morning I went into the hospital and had it taken care of. It was like a bad dream that had passed. It will pass for you as well. Take care and keep moving forward!


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