My CPAP is named Sherry and she is my Best Friend.

My husband and I were discussing my Sleep Apnea and I learned that he had a few concerns about this diagnosis which he has never spoken of.   Now everyone knows that we women will let our fears be known and will go to great lengths to make sure that our significant other knows every one of our concerns.   Well it seems that my hubby has kept his concerns a secret.

Now I sleep with a CPAP machine and I love her just like she is my best friend.  Before you even ask, yes my CPAP is a girl and her name is Sherry.  Sherry and I have been together for about 7 years and I love her very much.  She has helped me get through many sleepless nights.

Before Sherry ever came along, I would wake up every few minutes when I was sleeping and I never knew why.  I would also snore so loud that the window panes in my bedroom would rattle.   My husband has recorded me on several occasions so I could hear how loud I was.  My mother-in-law lived with us for a few years and use to swear she could hear me snoring through the floor every night and it was affecting her ability to go sleep.  She stated that she had to sleep with the TV on to drown my snoring out.

My husband was the worse…he would go to bed before me and try to go sleep first.  He told me that sometimes when he did get to go to sleep before me, he would not hear my snoring. Nevertheless, when my sexy hubby would go to bed, I would come skipping right behind him.   He would then tell me “Tracy, don’t you go to sleep before me…because if you do your snoring will keep me awake. “  Well as soon as we would lie down and because I had the undiagnosed Sleep Apnea, I would go straight to sleep, snoring like a bear hibernating during the winter.   He would get so pissed and I couldn’t understand all I wanted to do was sleep.

He also told me that he would bump or lightly elbow me to wake me up, because he said I would be snoring really hard drawing all the air in from the room (he swears he couldn’t breathe) and then suddenly quietness.  Now I knew he was doing this because when I would wake up he would fake like he was sleep and it would piss me off.   He told me he bumps me to make sure I kept breathing.  I would tell my kids about it the next morning and be fussing because I thought he was doing it intentionally.

Now flash forward to now, I am sleeping with Sherry (CPAP) every night and I sleep like a baby.  I don’t budge or move.  My husband proceeds to tell me that he means to bump or elbow me again because I am to quiet and he want to make sure I am still breathing.  He said it is usually to dark and he can’t see my chest rising because I sleep under a lot of covers so he just bumps or elbow me to verify I am still alive.

Now when he told me all of this last night, we were laughing like crazy about it.   But nevertheless he wanted to make sure that I knew my Sleep Apnea scares the crap out of him even though I sleep with Sherry.

Sherry has helped me a lot and because of her I have made it through a lot of important meetings, or family times where I would usually go to sleep. I am looking forward to losing this weight and putting Sherry on my no friend list forever.  Sorry Sherry I will always love you because you have help me out so much during those sleepless nights! But a girl got to do what a girl got to do!

Love, Peace, Happiness!  Remember the reason for the Season.

9 thoughts on “My CPAP is named Sherry and she is my Best Friend.

  1. Both my husband and I were diagnosed with OSA earlier in the year when we were both going through the process of having WLS. Before that, ear plugs saved our marriage. 🙂 I sleep with ear plugs every night now because even though the snoring isn’t as bad as it was, it’s still loud enough for me to hear, and I have to have quiet to fall asleep at night.

    You’ll get rid of Sherry soon enough…promise!


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