When your motivation for weight loss hits you.

Now I am all for team building for any job. But a Rope Course for a group of people who usually just sit behind a desk and push paper all day makes me hesitate.  When I first heard that a group of my coworkers had to do this team building activity.  The fat girl in me started to tremble in her shoes and started trying to figure out how soon I should contact my doctor to get me waived from this exercise.  From my understanding the coordinator wanted this group of coworkers to understand what young people go through when completing these activities.

Now these are the type situations that I hate because they embarrassed the heck out of someone.   This is exactly what happens to my friend.  She said she was the only one standing on the side watching and she knew she would not be able to complete any of the tasks.  She talked about how she was not able to pull herself up by her arms…and had no upper body strength.   The whole exercise embarrassed  her and even though it was use to show how the students felt in the same situation. One has to wonder why they even have this type of training.  It has never been done in all the years I been at this company.  I do believe that this was her moment when she realized it is time to change her eating habits.  She is one of the many people who would like to look into the weight loss surgery but our state will not approve it for state employees.

I know we all have had that one moment when we realize we have to do something about our weight and we are tired of living in the Michelin man body. These types of awareness make us aware how much it limits us from even completing simple life duties.   Especially when we have kids and we want to do all kinds of things with them.  I believe that we are all aware of the possibilities that weight loss can give us and this can be used for inspiration that we need to become healthier.

Speaking of team building…… we also had an ugly sweater contest and yours truly won.  I have included a picture of me in my ugly sweater.   Let me know what you think.

ugly sweater

6 thoughts on “When your motivation for weight loss hits you.

  1. I do not like those type of activities either. I think that when companies attempt those type of demonstrations, they should ask for volunteers to demonstrate. Embarrassing someone in front of a group of people can be humiliating. My michelin man moment came at my mother in laws wake 2 years ago. I have no reason to wear a suit at work, so I hadn’t tried my suit on in a long time. (probably should have bough a new one, if for no other reason than to have one made in this century!) I couldn’t button my pants, so I had to use my belt like a cincher. It didn’t really work and I had to make sure that my suit jacket was buttoned the whole time. These moments have a way of waking us up at the most inopportune moments, don’t they?



  2. While, I don’t think that participating should be necessary, I do understand it could be a powerful teaching tool if your company actually facilitates such activities. It’s rough all around I guess. Funny how you still feel the same when you get older though…


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