Livermush and Grits

I had my 4th visit with my nutritionist and I have come to the conclusion that she is not my friend but she is on my side.  I am a product that she’s molding so I can be ready for the production line, which is the Gastric Bypass surgery.

Now for everyone that don’t know, I am a southern gal born and raised.  The south rolls though my blood just like Livermush and grits.  Livermush, you say, grits what the heck is this stuff?


Grits are made from ground dried hominy which is a form of corn simmered until it becomes soft and creamy, just add cheese, butter, etc.


For you people that don’t know livermush is a dish that contains pig liver and a mixture of pig head parts and cornmeal.   Nasty you say…but I beg to differ I love livermush.   Because it has liver, I had convinced myself that it was healthy.   My Mother and several family members have worked or currently working at Jenkins Livermush plant.  This was one of the many staples that were always on our stove.  Shoot Mama, used to bring livermush home by the buckets.

Now that I explained what they are ……I can’t eat even a small amount of these food products. Both are fattening and high in carbs.  I thought my coffee craving was bad, but when you have eaten livermush at least 3 or 4 times a week, and grits was eaten with every breakfast meal in the morning.   You have to fight that craving really hard.

When I took my first food log into see my nutritionist, livermush and grits were ones of the first food items that i had to eliminate from my diet.  She does not even care that I had measure, weight or whatever.  I cannot eat these food items.

These visits with my nutritionist and my meeting with my therapy group have taught me a lot.  I was really surprise that we can even eat bacon.  I mean it only two pieces but I was always taught that bacon was a no-no on any life change.  Now I don’t know about anybody else but two pieces…..I chew those suckers really, really, really slow.

Love, Peace and Happiness

God Blessings, remember the reason for the Season.

11 thoughts on “Livermush and Grits

  1. And people tell me WLS is easy. HAH! Just remember you are working towards a healthier you, sacrifices must be made. I’ve given up all sweets and junk food. Not always easy, but necessary. Keep up the great work.


  2. My livermush and grits is rice ….. steamed rice, fried rice, spanish rice …. and pasta. “Hello … my name is IttyBitty and I’m a carboholic” …. I often wonder if there IS a 12-step program for carbohoics! lol! Carry on, Tracy! Don’t give up!


  3. I remember growing up on polenta, which is very similar to grits. It’s basically cornmeal and we used to have it all of the time with a butter sauce infused with rosemary and pancetta. It’s one of those high carb side dishes that I’d love to have, but can’t.


  4. So true, Tracy. Part of it is the nostalgia. I remember my grandmother making it on Sunday mornings and the aroma would fill the house. Very nice memories!



  5. It’s all about changing behaviors. Ditching the livermush is one of many behaviors you’ll change. For me, my livermush is chips and queso/salsa/guacamole. I may never eat those things again together (I’ve eaten guacamole and salsa, separately), but if it means a healthier me, the longer I can avoid them, the better off I’ll be.

    You can do this!


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