Archive | December 14, 2013

Conquring that beast called Fat.

I had an experience this week that rubbed me the wrong way.  An former coworker came to the office and he had lost a lot of weight, around 60 pounds.  He stated that he got more active by walking every day and just making more healthy food choices.  He was looking really good.

Now that is a good thing and I don’t have a problem with anybody losing weight. I don’t care how they do it. Just conquered that dang fat beast and kick his big butt! (Sorry I got lost for a minute in my pain)

Well I have an older coworker that has passed her 30 years expiration date at the office and she is still holding on torturing everybody in the office. This lady puts the H in horror.  She is constantly complaining about everything from her preacher at her church to her 43 year old son.  Nevertheless there is nothing we can do but patiently wait until she retires. She really hates her job but she stays for whatever reason…which I believe is just to torture the heck out of us. Now don’t get me wrong, oh girl is sharp as a whip and is in her mid 60s. But…we can’t only take so much.   When the old girl retires we are going to have a celebration after she is gone.

Well this coworker came into my office and was telling the guy that he did it the right way.  I step back and gently tap her on her shoulder and told her “You will not disrespect me whatsoever.  Weight loss is weight loss, I don’t care how you do as long as you are healthy. “She then said “but he did it the natural way.”  I then stated again “Weight loss, is weight loss however you can get it done.”

See this is the type mentality that I find so hard to stomach, especially when obesity is such a major problem here in the USA.

What I am assuming is that most people don’t really research weight loss surgery.  Because if they really did, they would know that the surgery is not just a cut in your stomach and boom all the weight is just going to fall off.  Now I know that I will continue to run into people who will have this type of negative mindset and try and change my mind.  But this is my decision, my body and my mind. I do believe that this is one of the reasons people are so private about the surgery. But not this chick, I will shout it to the world.  Do you want to know why, because it will help me to live to see another day, another week, another month and another year.