To treat or not

On this path I have one thing that I will have to change, and it is this poor mindset that I have when I lose weight…………that I deserve a treat.   This will not even be an option once I have the surgery.  Why do I even think I deserve a treat is the problem and it is something that I will have to dig really deep to find out.  The dictionary states that:

Resistance is 1. Opposition to somebody or something 2.  Refusal to accept or comply with something. 3. The ability to remain unaltered by the damaging effect of something.  4.  The ability to refrain from something in spite of being tempted.  STOP right there…that it…the ability to refrain from something in spite of being tempted.   This is me….. I am now in the process of figuring out how I can reward myself every time I accomplish something that makes me want a treat.  The treat will have to be low fat, sugar free and low carbs.  The search is on, because from all of my research and what my nutritionist’s is telling me, I will not be able to even handle anything with sugar.

I do believe that my Mother, my late Father and all of my ancestors are the reason that I love food so much and always want some kind of treat.  We all considered ourselves master chefs. Everything had to be seasoned with fat or cooked in fat.  Every vegetable was season with Fatback, and this was a major staple in our homes.  Everything was fry in greased.   Usually that greased was saved from a previous meal in the old Crisco can.   I know everybody remember the Crisco can on the stove with the leftover cooking grease (lol).   Let’s not talk about the desserts.  I started making cakes, brownies, and other sweets straight from scratch; I didn’t even know who Betty Crocker was. I was Betty Crocker and so was Mama, and both my Grandmothers, Great Aunts.

 Nevertheless this is why my whole family has always some kind of weight problem.  My Mother is overweight and has recently lost about 60 pounds by changing her eating habits. I also have 2 sisters and we were all overweight at one time another.  My youngest sister has lost a lot of weight and she is able to keep it off…but she has substituted it with smoking cigarettes. My middle sister actually had the Gastric bypass about 8 years ago and she lost about 150 pounds but she has since gained a lot of her weight back and is in the process of getting a revision. We will probably have our surgery around the same time so we will be good support for each other. Our conversation always center on our weight and dieting and trying to make sure our kids can lose or maintain healthy weight.    You know you are overweight when all you talk about is your weight.

Wish me well as I have some quiet time with myself and discover other ways of treating myself as I am embarking on this trip.




6 thoughts on “To treat or not

  1. You do deserve a treat. Don’t make it a food-based one. You are not a dog, and we give dogs treats when they do something good. Treating yourself does not need to be a food-based thing. I treat myself all the time:
    A new piece of jewelry
    An album from iTunes
    A new pair of shoes
    A new outfit
    These are the treats for me now. And they are way better than any food I could ever use to treat myself with. You will find other ways to treat yourself that don’t involve food.


      • I think it’s really important to identify behaviors like using food to treat yourself or to medicate yourself and find other things to do instead. When you have WLS, you really have to examine your relationship with food and what its role is in your life. It isn’t easy but it is necessary. With the right support, you will learn. I am still learning, and I’m five months post-op.


  2. I agree with you on this. For so long I have let food control me and as a result this has caused me too gain all this weight. I working on moderation also, because I was raised to eat everything on your plate. My Mama use to say all the time..” Don’t you be wasting no food”. It’s not easy task but I am making it happened.


  3. Tracy,
    I never thought about all these things we had working against us. It is true anyway. The key to it all is discipline. I lost my directions a long the way with some medical issues that didn’t help at all and set me back!
    Hi everyone,
    I’m Tracy’s middle sister (Nikki) who had the RNY distal procedure actually about 9 years ago Oct 18 , 2004! Since then I have had some complications and 2 surgeries since!!! But for those of you that are Pre-Opt it was the best decision of my life. Yes I gained all most 60% of my weight back after my Bowel obstruction in May 27, 2010 but before that I kept it off and felt so good!!! All I can say is look out world here we come! I’m back on track again! We Tracy and I are looking to be where I was before in a years time or farther! So Tracy, welcome to the life changing journey a head! It’s such a honor to have you by my side!!! The food is not the problem! It’s our mindset that has to change! We would be good if we could wash our brain! Lol give it a daily shower!!! So we just have to retrain our brain again and how we look at food!! Food Is NOT a reward!!! Food is fuel for the mind body and soul!!! Ouch, that hurt to hear myself say that!!! All aboard!!! Love ya Sissy!!!


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