Archive | December 1, 2013

How it all began….

Let me start off by saying I am scare as heck about having the Gastric Bypass surgery and the further I get into all the requirements  my fear’s increase.   But I have strong faith in my lord and Savior and I know he will take care of me.

The question that I constantly ask myself is how I let myself get this big.  When I graduated from high school twenty-four years ago I was half of what I weigh now.  But even back then I thought I was fat, my weight always center around 149 to 160 and I wore a size 14 in pants.  I was also very active in my younger days.

Nowadays I will start a diet and start losing a significant amount of weight and then just start to plateau and fall right back off the wagon.  The most I have ever lost was 50 pounds about three years ago.  I was trying the HCG diet out through a weight loss clinic and going to the YMCA regularly.  Then I started to have medical issues with my hips during this time and it was really painfully to exercise and I stop going.  But now I am able to reflect back at that time and I can see where the exercising was helping me out a lot with mobility and the pain and arthritis was no were near what it is now.    There are some days it takes everything in me just to get up out of the bed.  But shoot it hurts to even lie in my bed at times.  Now my back is hurting a lot and I need to invest in a really good mattress to help me rest well at night.  It doesn’t help that I have sleep apnea and I have to sleep with my Cpap machine every night.

I had my first appointment for the weight loss seminar on October 16th, 2013 at 6:15 at Spartanburg Regional Hospital in Spartanburg SC with Dr. Ross. Now this wasn’t my first time attending a seminar I did back in 2007 and 2011.  In 2007 I had Medicaid and they would have paid for it if I would have gone through with the program, but I never follow through for several different reasons.  In 2011 our state was offering a pilot program were they pick a certain number of people throughout the state to have to the gastric bypass. The requirements were really tough and I didn’t even try because there were only two spots open for our area.  I had my first appt with Dr. Ross October 31, 2013 and it was really thorough and he answers all of my questions that were not answer during the seminar.

I will be posting about this journey and I hope you will join me and help me along the way. Any advice is greatly welcome.  Until the next time.

Peace, Love and Happiness