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Fast Food Restaurants are my enemies.

 Some mornings I just don’t have time to cook breakfast.   So I am usually trying to figure out what can I eat.  One of the hardest things is trying to find healthy choices at the local restaurants.  McDonald’s has some of the healthiest choices in this area.

One of the things I eat is the Egg White Delight McMuffin with no cheese:                    

200 Calories  15g Protein  3.5g Fat (5%) 28g Carbs (9%)  570mg Sodium (24%)

I usually get a Parfait and it is also high in carbs;

150  Calories  4g Protein   2g Fat (3%) 30g Carbs (10%) 70mg Sodium (3%)

By the time I finish my little meal, I have consume 350 calories, 19 grams of protein, 58 grams of carbs, 640 grams of sodium.  WOW!!  Now 350 calories is not to high.  But 58 grams of carbs and 640 grams of sodium is.  Especially for my first meal of the day.

 My nutritionist’s and members in my therapist group have had this discussion and McDonald’s or any fast food restaurant are our enemies. These restaurants are one of the things that increased my weight gain.  Shoot I am the reason McDonald sales are down. 

Nevertheless, I believe that we need to be aware of what we can eat when situations like this arise and they will.  I have training away from my office, vacations, etc. By knowing what food items that I can eat will help me to support a healthy diet. Preparation is a must and we have to be ready for any situation to support a healthy life change. 

My Gall Bladder is trying to wreck havoc on my Body!

I hope everybody had a great Merry Christmas and have a safe and awesome New Year’s.

I went to the doctor on Monday for my 4th visit with the nutritionist and I have lost four more pounds.  I only have two more visits with the nutritionist and weight loss group then I will be finished.   I know I have several more things that will need to be done.   Including a Gall Bladder ultrasound, but what I did not expect was my gall bladder to start attacking my body.

For the last couple of weeks I have been in severe pain off and on.   See my problem is I have arthritis in my hips and will eventually have to have a complete hip replacement. (I am trying to prolong that sucker for about 10 years.)  So when I started having pain on my sides, I am usually trying to figure out if it is my hips or other pain.  But oh Boy, this pain right here was so different.  This was a number 10 on the pain scale.  Those suckers (the pain) crawled up my back and rode down my side like a roller coaster. I thought that little elf that everyone is going crazy about was jumping on me with spikes heels.  So off to my primary physician I go.   First thing he does is try to rule out a pulled muscle and prescribe flexeril pills.

Now we are in another whole ball park, see this young sweet thing has never ever, ever taken flexeril.  These bad boys right here….. are all in a different playing field.  These little pills put your girl down.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and could barely wake up the next morning.   I had to put a B12 pill up under my tongue and drink a cup of coffee with caffeine just to get up.  Trust and believe that I know I do not suppose to have caffeine but I needed that caffeine really bad.

So an ultra scan of my gallbladder is schedule to make sure this is the cause.  Therefore, I discussed this with the nurse practitioner Monday and she told me that I needed to wait for 6 weeks (if they want to remove my gall bladder) if I can for my gastric bypass surgery.  She explained that they can remove my gall bladder during the surgery.  Now six weeks is not that long.  But when you are in pain off and on, six weeks is a long time.

Nevertheless I cannot believe that this much time has pass and I am about to embark on the most exciting trip in my life, control of my life.   This trip will ensure that I will live a long and bless life.  Say a prayer for me controlling this pain from my gall stones.

My CPAP is named Sherry and she is my Best Friend.

My husband and I were discussing my Sleep Apnea and I learned that he had a few concerns about this diagnosis which he has never spoken of.   Now everyone knows that we women will let our fears be known and will go to great lengths to make sure that our significant other knows every one of our concerns.   Well it seems that my hubby has kept his concerns a secret.

Now I sleep with a CPAP machine and I love her just like she is my best friend.  Before you even ask, yes my CPAP is a girl and her name is Sherry.  Sherry and I have been together for about 7 years and I love her very much.  She has helped me get through many sleepless nights.

Before Sherry ever came along, I would wake up every few minutes when I was sleeping and I never knew why.  I would also snore so loud that the window panes in my bedroom would rattle.   My husband has recorded me on several occasions so I could hear how loud I was.  My mother-in-law lived with us for a few years and use to swear she could hear me snoring through the floor every night and it was affecting her ability to go sleep.  She stated that she had to sleep with the TV on to drown my snoring out.

My husband was the worse…he would go to bed before me and try to go sleep first.  He told me that sometimes when he did get to go to sleep before me, he would not hear my snoring. Nevertheless, when my sexy hubby would go to bed, I would come skipping right behind him.   He would then tell me “Tracy, don’t you go to sleep before me…because if you do your snoring will keep me awake. “  Well as soon as we would lie down and because I had the undiagnosed Sleep Apnea, I would go straight to sleep, snoring like a bear hibernating during the winter.   He would get so pissed and I couldn’t understand all I wanted to do was sleep.

He also told me that he would bump or lightly elbow me to wake me up, because he said I would be snoring really hard drawing all the air in from the room (he swears he couldn’t breathe) and then suddenly quietness.  Now I knew he was doing this because when I would wake up he would fake like he was sleep and it would piss me off.   He told me he bumps me to make sure I kept breathing.  I would tell my kids about it the next morning and be fussing because I thought he was doing it intentionally.

Now flash forward to now, I am sleeping with Sherry (CPAP) every night and I sleep like a baby.  I don’t budge or move.  My husband proceeds to tell me that he means to bump or elbow me again because I am to quiet and he want to make sure I am still breathing.  He said it is usually to dark and he can’t see my chest rising because I sleep under a lot of covers so he just bumps or elbow me to verify I am still alive.

Now when he told me all of this last night, we were laughing like crazy about it.   But nevertheless he wanted to make sure that I knew my Sleep Apnea scares the crap out of him even though I sleep with Sherry.

Sherry has helped me a lot and because of her I have made it through a lot of important meetings, or family times where I would usually go to sleep. I am looking forward to losing this weight and putting Sherry on my no friend list forever.  Sorry Sherry I will always love you because you have help me out so much during those sleepless nights! But a girl got to do what a girl got to do!

Love, Peace, Happiness!  Remember the reason for the Season.

When your motivation for weight loss hits you.

Now I am all for team building for any job. But a Rope Course for a group of people who usually just sit behind a desk and push paper all day makes me hesitate.  When I first heard that a group of my coworkers had to do this team building activity.  The fat girl in me started to tremble in her shoes and started trying to figure out how soon I should contact my doctor to get me waived from this exercise.  From my understanding the coordinator wanted this group of coworkers to understand what young people go through when completing these activities.

Now these are the type situations that I hate because they embarrassed the heck out of someone.   This is exactly what happens to my friend.  She said she was the only one standing on the side watching and she knew she would not be able to complete any of the tasks.  She talked about how she was not able to pull herself up by her arms…and had no upper body strength.   The whole exercise embarrassed  her and even though it was use to show how the students felt in the same situation. One has to wonder why they even have this type of training.  It has never been done in all the years I been at this company.  I do believe that this was her moment when she realized it is time to change her eating habits.  She is one of the many people who would like to look into the weight loss surgery but our state will not approve it for state employees.

I know we all have had that one moment when we realize we have to do something about our weight and we are tired of living in the Michelin man body. These types of awareness make us aware how much it limits us from even completing simple life duties.   Especially when we have kids and we want to do all kinds of things with them.  I believe that we are all aware of the possibilities that weight loss can give us and this can be used for inspiration that we need to become healthier.

Speaking of team building…… we also had an ugly sweater contest and yours truly won.  I have included a picture of me in my ugly sweater.   Let me know what you think.

ugly sweater

Livermush and Grits

I had my 4th visit with my nutritionist and I have come to the conclusion that she is not my friend but she is on my side.  I am a product that she’s molding so I can be ready for the production line, which is the Gastric Bypass surgery.

Now for everyone that don’t know, I am a southern gal born and raised.  The south rolls though my blood just like Livermush and grits.  Livermush, you say, grits what the heck is this stuff?


Grits are made from ground dried hominy which is a form of corn simmered until it becomes soft and creamy, just add cheese, butter, etc.


For you people that don’t know livermush is a dish that contains pig liver and a mixture of pig head parts and cornmeal.   Nasty you say…but I beg to differ I love livermush.   Because it has liver, I had convinced myself that it was healthy.   My Mother and several family members have worked or currently working at Jenkins Livermush plant.  This was one of the many staples that were always on our stove.  Shoot Mama, used to bring livermush home by the buckets.

Now that I explained what they are ……I can’t eat even a small amount of these food products. Both are fattening and high in carbs.  I thought my coffee craving was bad, but when you have eaten livermush at least 3 or 4 times a week, and grits was eaten with every breakfast meal in the morning.   You have to fight that craving really hard.

When I took my first food log into see my nutritionist, livermush and grits were ones of the first food items that i had to eliminate from my diet.  She does not even care that I had measure, weight or whatever.  I cannot eat these food items.

These visits with my nutritionist and my meeting with my therapy group have taught me a lot.  I was really surprise that we can even eat bacon.  I mean it only two pieces but I was always taught that bacon was a no-no on any life change.  Now I don’t know about anybody else but two pieces…..I chew those suckers really, really, really slow.

Love, Peace and Happiness

God Blessings, remember the reason for the Season.

Conquring that beast called Fat.

I had an experience this week that rubbed me the wrong way.  An former coworker came to the office and he had lost a lot of weight, around 60 pounds.  He stated that he got more active by walking every day and just making more healthy food choices.  He was looking really good.

Now that is a good thing and I don’t have a problem with anybody losing weight. I don’t care how they do it. Just conquered that dang fat beast and kick his big butt! (Sorry I got lost for a minute in my pain)

Well I have an older coworker that has passed her 30 years expiration date at the office and she is still holding on torturing everybody in the office. This lady puts the H in horror.  She is constantly complaining about everything from her preacher at her church to her 43 year old son.  Nevertheless there is nothing we can do but patiently wait until she retires. She really hates her job but she stays for whatever reason…which I believe is just to torture the heck out of us. Now don’t get me wrong, oh girl is sharp as a whip and is in her mid 60s. But…we can’t only take so much.   When the old girl retires we are going to have a celebration after she is gone.

Well this coworker came into my office and was telling the guy that he did it the right way.  I step back and gently tap her on her shoulder and told her “You will not disrespect me whatsoever.  Weight loss is weight loss, I don’t care how you do as long as you are healthy. “She then said “but he did it the natural way.”  I then stated again “Weight loss, is weight loss however you can get it done.”

See this is the type mentality that I find so hard to stomach, especially when obesity is such a major problem here in the USA.

What I am assuming is that most people don’t really research weight loss surgery.  Because if they really did, they would know that the surgery is not just a cut in your stomach and boom all the weight is just going to fall off.  Now I know that I will continue to run into people who will have this type of negative mindset and try and change my mind.  But this is my decision, my body and my mind. I do believe that this is one of the reasons people are so private about the surgery. But not this chick, I will shout it to the world.  Do you want to know why, because it will help me to live to see another day, another week, another month and another year.

Why do you want to have the Gastric Bypass?

I have been asked “why do you want to have the Gastric Bypass?”  “Why not just exercise and just watch what you eat?”  Now I know I am not the only one who has been asked this question?  Then the next thing that will roll out the individual’s mouth is…..”I know so and so die from that surgery.”   I don’t know about anybody else but the last dang thing I want to hear about is somebody dying before I have any surgery.

As I stand there I have to debate whether to reveal the truth or not.  See I have try every diets that has been monitor by a doctor.  I tried the HCG diets, low carbs and high protein diets, cabbage diets, soups diets and I may lose 10, 20, 40, 60 pounds only to gain that and more back.  Or maybe I should tell them about my high blood pressure, diabetes, GERD, orthopedic problems, sleep apnea, and the lists goes on and on.  But I shouldn’t have to do.  People should understand that nobody; I mean nobody wants to be cut on for any reason.  “Well girl, (I say in my Kevin Hart voice) I just want to go lie on that table and let those suckers cut and dice and pull and pluck and stick a organ in my ear.  I would love that.”   (Then I give them my famous blank stare)

NO here is the real reason I am going to have this surgery…..…I want to be able to go any restaurant to eat my healthy meal and be able to fit into any booth and not have to get a table.

I want to be able to sit in any chair in a office, church, college, auditorium or roll coaster.  Without having to try and figure out if my big butt, big stomach, thick thighs and wide back will let me fit in the chair.

I want to go sit in any chair without having to give it the strength test. The strength test you say, what in the world is this heifer talking about.  YOU know what the strength test is (Stretching my eyes really wide). The strength test is where you push down and shake the chair to make sure it is sturdy enough to hold all of your weight, without breaking and dropping you on the floor.  Embarrassing the holy crap out of you in the public eye, trust and believe me, I know exactly how this feels.

See most people talk about the simple stuff, like going in any clothing store and being able to shop.  Yea I want that to…but there  are so many  more important things that I would like to.  I believe the most important things is the capability to put on my own stocking and tie my own shoes.

I also want to be able to turn my neck all the way without having my extra weight on my chin, and shoulders keeping me from looking back to make sure I am not pulling out in front a car.

I want to be able to sleep without having to fight with my CPAP every night because it is leaking air around my nose, or my hose done went renegade and is trying to choke me in my sleep.   These are a few of my wants.   I could go on and on but I do believe you get the picture.

This surgery is not something I just want just because I want to wear a bathing suit and strut myself around the beach and not have worry about everybody turning their head in disgust.    This surgery is a tool that will help me reach a goal that I thought would be forever unobtainable. Being healthy and staying healthy.